Treatments to help you look your best over the festive season

I know we’d rather not think about it but Christmas is only two months away!

We all tell ourselves we’re going to look amazing for the festive season, putting time aside for pampering, but the truth is we always run out of time.

You know what it’s like: one minute it’s mid-October and you’re thinking about Halloween parties and fancy dress, the next minute it’s a week before Christmas and you realise you haven’t done half the things you wanted to do. So you focus your energies on buying food and presents and forget all about yourself.

So I thought I’d run through a few treatments and give a timescale on when it’s best to get them done, so you look your best for the festive season:

Dermal Fillers

The average life span of Hylauronic Acid based Dermal Fillers is around 9-12 months & about three weeks before you see the full effect of the treatment.

Because of the lifespan of the products, you can afford to get these done much earlier than you would with other treatments. I would say that October would be an ideal month for Dermal Fillers as the full results won’t be seen until November and it also gives your skin chance to heal.

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Lip Enhancement/Fillers

Probably one of the most popular treatments around Christmas is lip fillers, as people want to wear shiny lip gloss and vibrant lipstick.

Ideally you would be looking at getting these done at least three weeks before your party season starts, for the same reason as Dermal Fillers. We do offer a ½ ml option on the lip fillers for £125 or a full 1ml for £225, we always use the Juvederm Ultra Range as we know this product gives a beautiful finish.

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TCA Peels

Not the most popular treatment around Christmas, however a good one to consider if you feel the central heating and harsh weather has taken a toll on your skin and it’s looking a little dull.

A one off peel costs £145, which includes your post peel cream, and I can assure you it will really give your skin a gorgeous glow. There is some down time associated with a peel, so if you are considering one I would act quickly and have it done as soon as possible.

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