Introducing Our New Treatment Packages at SkinHD

At SkinHD, we have been working hard over the past few months to bring our clients something exciting… At last, we are very proud to announce our new range of treatment packages!

So, What are the packages?

We have created 5 unique packages, each with a different combination of treatments.

  • Restore and Refresh: Tear trough and Cheek Dermal Filler (3/4ml)
  • Smooth and Shape: 3 x areas of Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, Cheek and Lip Dermal Filler (2ml Cheeks/0.5ml Lips)
  • Define and Sculpt: Jawline and Chin Dermal Filler (3/4ml)
  • Lift and Pout: Lip and Cheek Dermal Filler
  • HD Rejuvenation: Cheek, Jawline, Jowls and Chin Dermal Filler (6ml)

Check out our promotional video below for more details!


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Why do we recommend combination treatments?

There are a number of benefits from investing in one of our package deals.

When we designed our packages – we carefully considered which treatments would best compliment each other. Treating the face as a whole often achieves better results, as oppose to treating an specific areas.

For example, our ‘Restore & Refresh‘ package focuses on tackling the ‘tired look’.  Filling the tear trough eliminates hollow or shadowy under eyes. Whereas, Cheek fillers not only work to define the cheek bones, but also lift sagging in the lower face which can cause you to look older. Although, both treatments are amazing alone, pairing the two together would immediately provide a more refreshed overall appearance.

We also thought it would be nice to match some our most popular treatments together, at a reduced price as a thank you to our new and existing clients!

What products are used in our new package deals?

All the dermal fillers used in our packages are from the brand JUVÉDERM, by Allergan Aesthetics.


Are package deals better value for money?

Yes! Our package deals are definitely better value for money. In fact, some of our deals are nearly over £150 cheaper than the individual retail prices.

How do I book in?

To book in for your treatment or an online consultation:

If you are a new client, we would require you to have a consultation beforehand. We offer online consultations via Zoom or Whatsapp Video.

Contact us on 0161 974 0212 or fill out our contact form and save 10% off your first treatment!

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