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What is HArmonyCa?

Introducing HArmonyCa – Allergan’s latest injectable treatment with dual benefits! This treatment is designed to not only restore facial volume, but also promotes the body’s natural collagen formation, giving long lasting lifting and volumizing results!

How is HArmonyCa different from traditional dermal fillers?

The main ingredient in most dermal fillers is Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the body that attracts and binds water. It keep the skin hydrated and plump.

What makes HArmonyCa unique is that the product also contains Calcium Hydroxyapatite microspheres (CaHA), which stimulates the body’s own production of collagen and elastin – improving the skin’s elasticity over time, even when the HA has broken down.

Additionally, HArmonyCa is injected along the superficial layer of the skin, rather than the fat or bone foundation like traditional fillers. This further reduces the chances of any potential side effects!

We think HArmonyCa would be amazing for clients who are looking to improve:
  • Loss of skin elasticity and quality
  • Signs of ageing such as fine lines, moderate wrinkles, volume loss and thinning skin
  • Facial contours
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The featured images you can see are Helena & Debbie’s results of 1 HArmonyCa treatment (2ml). Both SkinHD practitioners are in their 40’s, which is the age where we start to experience more noticeable signs of ageing and volume loss.

They are both extremely pleased with their fabulous post treatment look. The results show fabulous added definition and sculpting around the cheeks and jawline, plus an added lift without looking fake or overdone.

In addition, as HArmonyCa promotes collagen and elastin production, they will continue to see improvement months after their treatment.

You can watch how these results were achieved in our Instagram post below:

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  • Numbing cream applied before appointment to reduce discomfort, product also contains lidocaine to ensure maximum comfort during procedure
  • 1-3 injections using a cannula each side
  • Procedure time – 30 minutes
  • Minimal downtime – slight redness, tenderness, bruising and bleeding may be apparent, but usually settles within 24-48 hours of treatment

After Care Advice

  • Immediately after the treatment, avoid touching the area or applying make up for at least 2 hours, to let the skin form a protective barrier over the injection site and avoid infection.
  • Avoid heavy exercise and extreme heat for at least 48 hours after the treatment (saunas/steam room/sunbed etc)
  • Avoid dental procedures or making exaggerated facial movements for 2 weeks after the treatment
    It is normal to feel lumps or areas that are more firm than others in the first couple of weeks after treatment. This will settle!
  • Apply an ice pack to help with any swelling or discomfort, but avoid applying too much pressure.
How long does HarmonyCa last?

You will see immediate difference from HarmonyCa , with the results lasting up to 2 years.

However, we do recommend one-off maintenance sessions every 12 months to maintain optimal results

How much does HArmonyCa cost?

1 treatment (2ml) – £750

Who can perform HarmonyCA at SkinHD?

All 3 SkinHD practitioners can perform HarmonyCa!

How do I book in for HArmonyCa?

Before your treatment, we will invite you for a free consultation to discuss if the treatment is suitable for you, and if we can achieve the results you are looking for with this treatment.

We offer our consultation online (Via Zoom or Whatsapp Video). We can also do face to face consultations, we would require a £30 deposit which will be deducted from your treatment price if you decide to go ahead with a treatment.

You can now book and manage your own appointments online via our Connect Page

Follow the link below to set up your account!

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