Large Pores: Concerns

What Are Large Pores?

Everyone has pores on their face, but some are more visible than others. Each pore contains a hair follicle, and glands that allow sweat and sebum (oil) to escape from the body. Depending on skin type, genetics and environmental factors, pore size can vary and become more visible if they become congested, leading to acne or blackheads. Pores can also become more visible as we age as skin loses elasticity over time.

Symptoms of large pores

Large pores look like little depressed dots in the skin, mostly visible in the ‘T zone’ on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Enlarged or congested pores can become more visible if they are clogged with oil and can sometimes be confused with blackheads. Pores are a natural part of the skin’s structure, but when enlarged, can be unsightly and give the skin an ‘orange peel’ texture. Pores can be more apparent in oily skin types, and can become more apparent with age, sun damage, or during certain times of the menstrual cycle and during hot and humid weather.


While everyone has pores, the likelihood of enlarged pores is largely down to genetics determining pore size and sebum production. Other factors such as sun damage and ageing are also major influencers on the size of pores, as collagen and elastin breaks down damaging skin elasticity, dehydrating the skin and amplifying sebum production. Unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as smoking and poor diet can also contribute to more visible pores.
A build-up of skin cells and bacteria within the pores can also increase their visibility, and if left untreated can increase the chances of developing into pimples, pustules, or blackheads.


Pore size is genetically determined, so while we are not able to shrink them, the appearance can be minimised and prevent them from appearing bigger.


Skincare – using the correct active ingredients in your skincare routine can help ease congestion in the pores, balance sebum production and reduce the chances of breakouts and spots. A consultation with our skin specialist can help determine the best products to help minimise the appearance of larger pores. BOOK NOW


Microneedling – a series of microneedling treatments can help reduce the appearance of large pores by creating a controlled micro-injury in the skin, stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. This helps to improve skin elasticity and firmness, improving the overall texture of the skin and enhancing the absorption of topical skincare products.


Chemical Peels – resurfacing the skin with chemical peels helps to balance sebum production and reduces congestion in the pores to help reduce their visibility. SkinHD offers varying strengths of peels, so a consultation with our skin specialist can help determine the best strength and treatment course to address your concerns.


WOW fusion – WOW fusion is a treatment that combines mesotherapy, microneedling and botulinum toxin to help reduce excessive sebum production. The star ingredient is the inclusion of micro-botox, which when injected trans-dermally (as opposed to into the muscle with traditional anti-wrinkle injections), botox restricts the glands that are responsible for excessive oil production – reducing the appearance of larger pores. A personalised skin ‘cocktail’ also includes essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote better skin health for a much more even skin tone and texture. A course of treatments is recommended for optimal results.

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