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Chin Dermal Filler is a great cosmetic treatment, used to elongate the face. The treatment involves injecting filler into the chin to taper and slim in the area.

Chin filler helps to contour the shape of the lower face. Female facial formats often fall into ‘Angular/Square’ or ‘Heart Shape’. Aesthetically, a heart shape face typically makes for a more youthful appearance. The characteristics include:

  • A noticeably pointed chin
  • The cheek line and the sides of your face taper into your jawline
  • Pronounced cheek bones

These points together form the ‘Triangle of Youth’.

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Can Chin Filler be paired with other treatments?

Yes, definitely! We actually have our ‘Define and Sculpt’ package, which combines Chin and Jawline Fillers. It’s perfect for adding and replacing structure in the lower face.

We also have our ‘HD Rejuvenation’ Package, which includes Cheek, Jaw, Jowls and Chin Filler. This package is great for an overall more youthful appearance.

The client pictured below also had our ‘Restore and Refresh package’, alongside chin dermal filler.

What product is used in the procedure?

At SkinHD, we mostly work with products from the brand JUVÉDERM®. When treating the chin, we use Juvederm Volux®.

Volux® utilises VYCROSS™ technology; an innovative combination of low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid to improve the cross-linking efficiency of Hyaluronic acid chains.

This brilliant technology allows for longer lasting results and a finer needle to be used as it has a smoother formula – making for a more pleasant application.

How much does chin filler cost?

1ml Juvederm Volux – £275

2ml Juvederm Volux – £470

How long do the results last?
What happens during a treatment?

Before your treatment, we will invite you for a free consultation to discuss if the treatment is suitable for you, and if we can achieve the results you are looking for with this treatment.

We offer our consultation online (Via Zoom or Whatsapp Video). We can also do face to face consultations, we would require a £30 deposit which will either be deducted from your treatment price or refunded.

Numbing cream can be applied to the area, which contains lidocaine. The product itself also contains lidocaine and is injected with a hypodermic needle to ensure minimum discomfort.

The treatment time usually lasts between 15-25 minutes.

You will see some immediate signs of improvement, but some swelling and bruising may also be apparent. This will subside within a couple of days and best results of the treatment will be seen within a couple of weeks of the treatment, after the product has fully settled and integrated.

What is the aftercare advice?
  • Immediately after the treatment, avoid touching the area or applying make up for at least 2 hours, to let the skin form a protective barrier over the injection site and avoid infection.
  • Avoid  heavy exercise and extreme heat for at least 48 hours after the treatment (saunas/steam room/sunbed etc)
  • Avoid dental procedures or making exaggerated mouth movements for 2 weeks after the treatment
  • It is normal to feel lumps or areas that are more firm than others in the first couple of weeks after treatment. This will settle!
  • Apply an ice pack to help with any swelling or discomfort, but avoid applying too much pressure.

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